Warcraft III Multiplayer: Chasm

1v1 Melee - (2)Chasm[dimfish].w3x

Starting Mines 12,500 x2 Total Gold 91,000
Expansions 12,500 x3,
14,250 x2
Total Creep Levels205
Compare to Blizzard ladder maps...

Concept - Fuzzy Symmetry

I consider this map an interesting but failed experiment.

My intent for this map was to create two continents and link them together with Way Gates. The continents would be differently shaped but the distances between important locations would be roughly equal. If a map had these qualities I think you could call it "fuzzy symmetric."

Ultimately I think the map fails in two ways. First, the continents really aren't so different in shape as to be striking. The western continent is more of a bean, the eastern is elongated but in general the shape is so close that it doesn't catch the eye.

The other reason the map fails is that the path-finding with Way Gates on this map is often counterintuitive. For instance, when you click on a location on the opposite continent that is very close to a Way Gate, I believe a player would almost always expect the unit to walk to the matching Way Gate on their current continent, then pop out right near the target location. Frequently, though, the unit walks to the closest Way Gate first, and this often causes the unit to walk a longer path on the little-scouted continent, possibly through enemy units or towns. If a player cannot reasonably predict what units will do before clicking, then the experience is generally less fun.

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Because the two Way Gate pairs are the only land route between the continents, players have an unusual choke point scenario to work with. The ground around Way Gates is unbuildable to prevent mass towers from creating an ambush, but Way Gate control is not out of the question. The north Way Gate pair entrances are more enclosed and therefore good candidate sites for attempting a choke-hold or ambush. The north Way Gate pair is also the closest for pathing if a player orders units to walk directly from one starting location to the other.

Players can always hire Goblin Zepplins to cross the chasm or visit the island expansion instead of using the Way Gates.

Crags punctuate the tree wall to break repetition and give the map a unique look. A mixture of "mushroom trees" from different tilesets gives the southern Way Gate pair visual connection on the minimap to help remind players how the continents are connected.

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