Warcraft III Multiplayer: Mt. Kamao

1v1 Melee - (2)MtKamao[dimfish].w3x

Starting Mines 13,500 x2 Total Gold 64,500
Expansions 12,500 x3 Total Creep Levels213
Compare to Blizzard ladder maps...

Concept - Sloped Battlefield

The neutral buildings available on Mt. Kamao are similar to popular Blizzard ladder maps. What really makes this map interesting is the use of elevation changes to create a sloped battlefield. The starting locations are on the same tier, with two more downward tiers as players move south. Getting caught at the bottom of a ramp in a fight is a major factor, so players take some risk if they venture south for access to buildings or expansions.

With the risk in mind, nothing is stopping players from trying to stay on the starting tier. There is a valuable Fountain of Health in the center of the tier and from that intersection is a gold mine on a higher tier.

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The starting locations are naturally defended by raised cliffs and trees. Both have a weak point made of trees only that any race could destroy to use as a back door into the enemy base. Note that the weak points are guarded by creep camps that include a golem which remain vigilent through the night. A player must invest in tree destruction and be willing to fight through the creeps to exploit the back door.

An overview of the weak point (left) and a close-up showing the creeps and tree depth (right).

Also note that the Fountain of Health is very close to the shortest path between the starting locations. If players order a worker to scout the enemy base they will pass close to the fountain but out of range of the creeps there. When larger groups of units walk past the fountain they will usually draw the creeps.

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