Warcraft III Multiplayer: Twin Kings

1v1 Melee - (2)TwinKings[dimfish].w3x

Starting Mines 12,500 x2 Total Gold 75,000
Expansions 12,500 x4 Total Creep Levels192
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Concept - Expansion Locations

Twin Kings is intentionally minimal with neutral buildings. The focus is on the four possible expansion locations. No expansion is significantly closer to a starting location, so a player can reasonably choose any of the mines for a first expansion.

The expansions in the middle of the map enjoy a ramp for improved defense. The outer expansions have a line of destructible rocks that form a natural defense as well.

There is a back door to the starting locations, but an attacking player makes a big commitment by having to walk a long distance across the shallow water at the edge of the map. If a defending player is prepared for a back door attack, they can take position at the top of the ramp at the back door as well. Still, the threat of back door attacks is an incentive for players to expand.

This map is "a straight fight." A player with good fundamentals will scout all the expansions and the back door to his own base. The lanes around the map are wide and let a player with micro skills manuver for advantage. There are no item or unit merchants on this map--it's about a solid core strategy.

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The map name Twin Kings comes from the two tall, brown trees that stand in a flaming grove (red in the west, blue in the east). There is an easter egg on this map: the twin king trees have a sliver of health and are easily destroyed--and they leave a nice rune behind.

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